In the operating room: surgeon dies of heart attack

In the operating room: surgeon dies of heart attack

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Heart attack: surgeon dies in the operating room

A 52-year-old surgeon died of a heart attack in an operating room in Portugal. The doctor had been preparing for thyroid surgery when he felt severe chest pain. Colleagues had tried to revive him, but to no avail.

Surgeon dies of heart attack in the operating room In Portugal, a 52-year-old surgeon died of a heart attack in an operating room on Wednesday. The doctor was preparing for thyroid surgery on a patient when he felt severe chest pain. According to colleagues, he said: "I have excruciating pain!" Before he collapsed. Resuscitation measures were unsuccessful.

A sad coincidence The president of the Portuguese Medical Association, José Manuel Silva, said on Thursday to the television station RTP: "Unfortunately he died in the middle of the job." As Silva conceded, he was in the Aveiro hospital in the center of the country where the surgeon worked , “The atmosphere is very stressful at the moment.” However, it is not certain whether this stress was the cause of the infarction. "It is a sad coincidence."

Surgeons are under stress It is regularly reported that doctors and especially surgeons are increasingly under stress. Last year, for example, an investigation by the Department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital Mainz under the direction of Professor Dr. According to Klaus Lieb, around 20 percent of German surgeons have used prescription or illegal drugs at least once to reduce stress and improve their performance. 1,105 German surgeons participated in the study. The doctors justified consumption among other things with high professional demands, irregular working hours, hectic pace or long shift work. (ad)

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