Homeopathy in Belgium significantly restricted

Homeopathy in Belgium significantly restricted

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Homeopathy in Belgium will be significantly restricted in the future

On May 12, 2014, a royal decree was published in Belgium by the Ministry of Health, which permanently changes the basic conditions for the practice of homeopathy, especially for non-medical therapists - and in no way for the better.

The new conditions for legal professional practice in Belgium are as follows: 1. Therapists must be qualified as doctors, dentists or midwives.
2. You must have a degree in homeopathy from an official college or university.
3. In the future, doctors, dentists and midwives may only prescribe homeopathy for evidence-based indications.

The new regulations could put an end to non-medical homeopathy in Belgium. And even Belgian doctors will hardly be able to meet the new conditions for their training (university) because no university has yet offered such courses in Belgium. The European Central Council for Homeopaths (ECCH) believes that this decree must be challenged. (pm)

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