Cool teenagers find it harder later

Cool teenagers find it harder later

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Study: Cool teenagers often have a harder time later

Those who were considered "cool" in their teenage years often find it more difficult in later adulthood. This emerges from a new US study. According to this, the test subjects were more likely to have alcohol or drug problems as young adults.

Adolescents change during puberty When adolescents reach puberty, not only do serious changes occur in the human body, but often social behavior changes as well. For example, many young people want to be “hip” in their environment and therefore pay attention to chic clothes or hip music. However, as a recent US study suggests, those who were considered "cool" as teenagers would not necessarily be winners later.

Cool Teens Later Have Alcohol or Drug Problems More According to the University of Virginia study, the formerly "cool" subjects at age 23 were more likely to have alcohol or drug problems, were criminal, and less socially competent in the perception of others. The scientists led by Joseph P. Allen and the psychologist Professor Hugh P. Kelly examined 184 adolescents from the age of 13 over a period of ten years. The researchers received the data both from surveys of the teenagers themselves and from their friends and parents.

Young people develop an increasingly extreme behavior. Those 13-year-olds were seen as “cool” who had a relationship at an early age, distinguished themselves through small criminal acts or hung out with attractive peers. However, there was not much left of this “cool” status at the age of 23. The scientists suspect that the teenagers developed increasingly extreme behavior over the years in order to remain recognized. As a result, they came into conflict with the law and used more alcohol or drugs than “uncool” teenagers. (ad)

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