Danger for swimmers in cold bathing water

Danger for swimmers in cold bathing water

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Cold bathing water can become a deadly trap for swimmers

Swimmers should be careful when jumping into cold bathing water. The German Life Saving Society (DLRG) in Bad Nenndorf advises this. The cold water can cause cramps and thus put the swimmer in danger if he can no longer make it to the shore in time. "Only go swimming at guarded bathing areas and heed the warnings", is the recommendation of the DLRG.

Only go swimming in guarded bathing waters Many bathing waters and dredging lakes are still very cold. Swimmers should always keep this in mind. Because if you are in very cold water, you risk cramps, which can put the swimmer in a life-threatening situation. Because of the muscular cramp, the affected person can no longer swim properly and threatens to drown. The DLRG points this out. It is advisable to only go into the water at guarded swimming areas.

“Bathing in rivers is particularly dangerous. Currents, bridge pillars, suction effects, underwater obstacles, and fairways with leisure and professional shipping pose incalculable risks, ”inform the lifeguards from Bad Nenndorf. Another risk is the overestimation of your own performance. The DLRG always advises you to be critical and never be cocky when swimming. Dives into unknown waters are particularly dangerous. Life-threatening injuries occur again and again when swimmers make careless head jumps in the bank and shallow water area.

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