Study: Smoking damages the ears

Study: Smoking damages the ears

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Study: Smoking hits the ears

British researchers found in a study: The more you smoke, the greater the likelihood that your hearing will deteriorate. This also applies to passive smoking.

The scientists tested approximately 21,000 participants with impaired hearing and examined the smoking behavior and alcohol consumption of the test subjects. The results were compared to a control group.

Both smoking and alcohol consumption had a significant impact on hearing. Smokers were 15% more likely to hear poorly than non-smokers. This showed a dose dependency: the longer the subjects smoked, the higher the risk of hearing damage. Passive smoking also damages hearing. The longer people were exposed to smoke, the higher their risk.

Participants who - regardless of how much - consumed alcohol were at 40% less risk of hearing damage than abstainers. The alcohol was particularly protective when it was enjoyed with a meal. (pm)

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