Drones are said to transport blood for jacks

Drones are said to transport blood for jacks

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Blood express courier with charm

Frankfurt. According to the wishes of the Frankfurt hospitals, drones are to take over the transport of blood in the future in order to save time in emergencies. The two aircraft can operate independently of the weather and almost independently over problematic traffic situations and thus supply three hospitals in the group with blood supplies. Every year there are 50-70 emergencies in which transports between the clinics are necessary.

"The charm is that we send life-saving substances, not books," said Dennis Göbel, the managing director of the Agaplesion Frankfurt Diakonie-Kliniken, on Monday in Frankfurt of the "dpa".

Dispute over approval Although the book wholesaler Amazon and Swiss Post are currently carrying out tests with drones and a courier drone is already being used to transport medicines on Juist, it is nevertheless questionable whether these drones will go into operation, because the authorities are critical of the company's approval. "It is not approved in this way," said a spokeswoman for the responsible regional council in Darmstadt of the "Frankfurter Rundschau" (FR, Tuesday).
Dennis Göbel, on the other hand, sees no problems in operation due to the redundancy of the aircraft, the independent control of the battery status and the fact that the aircraft's charging capacity is less than 50 percent. "It continues to fly, even if one or more of the eight engines fail," Göbel told hr-online. If the GPS fails, the drone automatically flies back to the starting point. (jp)

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