Recall aluminum in Zimbo sausage & beer ham

Recall aluminum in Zimbo sausage & beer ham

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Recall: Zimbo sausage and beer ham recalled

The food company Bell has recalled various types of sausage. Consumers should dispose of the affected food for safety reasons. The purchase price will be refunded upon presentation of the receipt.

Zimbo sausage recalled According to a message from the dpa news agency, the food company Bell Germany is recalling Zimbo sausage. As the company announced on Monday in Seevetal, an assortment of 200-gram packs of ham sausage, beer ham, hunting sausage, beer sausage, paprika sausage, red sausage and mortadella with pistachios with best-before dates from January 13 to February 6 is affected. According to the information, the products would be offered by various retail companies.

Aluminum parts in packaging Furthermore, the "Delicatessen Beer Ham" of the "Gut Ponholz" brand will be withdrawn with the best-before dates from January 13 to February 3. The product was offered at the discounter "Netto in parts of Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia". It was announced that "due to a defect in a packaging machine, it cannot be ruled out that in individual cases there are aluminum parts in the packaging concerned". In total, there are several thousand packs.

Disposing of products as a precaution The company asks customers to dispose of purchased products as a precaution. The empty packaging can be returned to Bell Germany to receive a corresponding purchase price compensation. Due to errors in the manufacturing processes, contamination or foreign bodies in food products can occur again and again. Even if the surveillance should always be complete, foreign bodies cannot be ruled out completely, as the Consumer Advice Center NRW announced last year on the occasion of a similar case. (ad)

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