Cold: Don't let children go to school too early

Cold: Don't let children go to school too early

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To cure the cold: do not send children to school too early

It is especially important for children to cure a cold properly. If the little ones are sent back to school or daycare too early, this can put too much strain on the weakened body. Serious complications threaten.

Correcting Colds Correctly It is particularly important for children to cure colds correctly. If the little ones are sent back to school or daycare too early, this can put too much strain on the weakened body. This is indicated by the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) in a message from the dpa news agency. Serious complications threaten. In the worst case, this could lead to pneumonia or heart muscle inflammation.

Cardiac muscle inflammation due to a delayed cold Of course, it also applies to adults, of course, not to “delay” a supposedly harmless cold, but to rest until you are fit again. The signs of an inflammation of the heart muscle are often very inconspicuous, which makes a timely diagnosis difficult. If you find strains such as climbing stairs unusually strenuous, this could be an indication. Other signs may include chest or limb pain, heart stumbling, increased fatigue, or an irregular heartbeat. In the early stages of pneumonia, symptoms such as severe cough, mild fever, headache and body aches can be observed. In such cases, those affected should consult a doctor.

Doctors advise rest and high hydration In the dpa report, the BVKJ recommends rest, drink a lot, moist air and nasal sprays that swell for a few days. It is best for parents to provide fresh air and a room temperature of around 18 degrees at night. According to the medical experts, a cold usually lasts for a week. If toddlers have a cold, the parents should seek advice from their pediatrician, such as which medication to administer and which to avoid.

More fathers look after sick offspring The frequent infections of the offspring often lead working parents into a dilemma. Children need care and attention, but fathers and mothers have limited resources. Parents are entitled to sick days for the children, but these can quickly be exhausted, especially for small children. It is encouraging, at least, that the care of young people is apparently now being taken over by men. More and more fathers stay at home with the sick child, a statistical analysis by the health insurance company DAK Health has shown.

Childcare networks or grandparents Parents who must not be absent from work must find other childcare options. For example, you can set up childcare networks with other families or use grandparents. In some areas, a childcare service can be a solution. The emergency mother service, for example, offers this in the greater Frankfurt / Main area, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. "Working parents can request carers from us, who then look after the sick child hourly or around the clock," says Birgit Rosenbaum from the emergency maternity service in Frankfurt. The parents have to pay the costs out of their own pocket. "Only if the mother or father are sick themselves can we bill our services through the health insurance company." (Ad)

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