Alessandra Meyer-Wölden had her children vaccinated against meningitis

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden had her children vaccinated against meningitis

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World Meningitis Day: Vaccination against meningitis can save lives

There are always deaths due to meningitis. It is particularly tragic when babies or children are affected. It was only in January this year that a toddler died of dangerous meningitis. On the occasion of World Meningitis Day, model and triple mom Alessandra Meyer-Wölden talks about meningitis vaccination.

Vaccination against meningitis
Meningitis kills around 40 people every year in Germany. Babies are mostly affected. Of the 430 meningococcal cases registered on average, about one in five survivors suffers from secondary damage such as numbness, seizures or loss of limbs. However, vaccination can protect against meningitis. Most often, the infection is caused by meningococcal B, which can cause the patient to die within 24 hours. Vaccination against these pathogens has only been available since the end of 2013. Previously, there were only vaccines against meningococcal serogroups A, C, W and Y.

"If there is a prevention against this terrible disease, then of course I take it to protect my children," quotes the online edition of the magazine "Fokus" Dreifach-Mama Meyer-Wölden. The 32-year-old is the mother of a daughter (5) and twin sons (3). She had her children vaccinated against meningitis.

World Meningitis Day aims to educate people about the risks of the disease
On April 24th, Meningitis Day takes place worldwide to provide information about the disease. The focus is also on vaccination as the only efficient prophylaxis against the dangerous disease. In addition to infections of the meninges and spinal cord, meningococci can also cause blood poisoning.

To date, children in this country have only been vaccinated against meningococcal C since 2006 in accordance with the standard vaccination recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO). Most meningitis cases in young children are caused by meningococcal B. The Saxon Vaccination Commission (SIKO) and the Vaccination Commission of the German Academy for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (DAKJ) therefore recommend MenB vaccination, although there is still no standard recommendation. While Germany is lagging behind here, vaccination is actively recommended by health authorities in almost all EU member countries. In the UK there will even be a comprehensive meningococcal B vaccine for babies soon. After all, some health insurance companies in Germany voluntarily reimburse the vaccination costs. Around 100,000 vaccine doses were given last year.

According to Meyer-Wölden “these vaccinations should be mandatory. There is no reason nowadays that some diseases such as measles or meningitis still exist, let alone that children die from the consequences of such diseases. ” (ag)

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