Top up appropriate care for more mature skin and moisture depots

Top up appropriate care for more mature skin and moisture depots

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Suitable care for the skin from 50

The skin of older people has different requirements than that of young people. Since mature skin loses moisture faster, rich creams are said to help compensate for the loss and promote cell activity. Suitable cosmetics should also be taken into account when cleaning.

Reduced skin fat production from 30
In people around the age of 30, the production of skin fat, moisture retention and the ability to store moisture decrease. That is why the skin then needs other care products, as Birgit Huber from the body care and detergent industry association said in a message from the dpa news agency. These products must ensure that the skin not only dries out less but is also supplied with fat and moisture at the same time.

Day and night creams for mature skin
Furthermore, when cleaning the skin, you should choose products that do not degrease too much and do not completely remove the natural moisturizing factors. There are special cleaning lotions and milks that remove dust, sweat and make-up without drying out. The care creams that are applied after cleaning must also be correspondingly rich. Huber explained that "day creams for mature skin replenish the skin's own moisture deposits and stimulate cell activity". Night creams, on the other hand, “help mature skin to recover.”

Do not wash too often
In addition, dermatologists point out that washing too often also helps to dry out the skin. Especially in winter, skin cleansing should be adjusted and a lukewarm shower should be taken at most once a day. Bathing is to be assessed rather critically, because the fat film of the skin is additionally attacked. According to experts, there should be a maximum of two baths per week, which should not last longer than a quarter of an hour. And in the summer, older sunbathing should be better restricted, as this also dries out the skin excessively. (ad)

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