Travel provisions: meatballs and egg pancakes are perfect

Travel provisions: meatballs and egg pancakes are perfect

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Durable: meatballs and egg pancakes are ideal for traveling
Summer time is vacation time: When you go on vacation with your car, you shouldn't forget about healthy provisions. Unfortunately, some dishes spoil after a few hours of driving. The consumer initiative explains what will last longer.

Prepare travel provisions for the journey
If you go on vacation by car, you should take provisions for the trip with you. Under no circumstances should it become mushy or dry. In a message from the dpa news agency, the consumer recommended the initiative to prepare and take away, for example, egg pancakes and meatballs as a special treat on the go. It doesn't have to be meat. Of course, vegetarian meatballs are also long-lasting.

Do not pre-cut fruit and vegetables
Bread and butter are also suitable. However, these should not be topped with raw sausage, tea or liver sausage, quark or Camembert. Hard cheeses and smoked sausages are more suitable because they do not spoil so quickly. The experts also recommend that you do not pre-cut fruits and vegetables such as apples or cucumbers. Ideally, everything should be packed in different plastic cans, making sure that sweet and savory provisions are kept separate. And then you transport everything as cool as possible. In addition, you should not throw away food too quickly, as nutrition experts emphasize. For example, brown spots on fruit are no reason to throw the whole fruit in the bin. (ad)

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