Stress: tired and tired despite vacation?

Stress: tired and tired despite vacation?

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When you can't relax on vacation
The last day before the long-awaited vacation is particularly stressful: the current projects have to be handed over to the colleague, many phone calls, briefly present the boss with the current figures and then it is finally done. For many, relaxation is out of the question on vacation. One in four cannot switch off during the most beautiful time of the year. This emerges from a report by the health insurance company Barmer GEK.

Switching off from everyday stress is often difficult on vacation
People who are very committed and busy at work often cannot switch off even on vacation. Experts then speak of the so-called leisure sickness. "Switching abruptly from 100 to zero on the first day of vacation can lead to problems, just as an extreme start to a vacation marathon program of sightseeing tours, extreme sporting loads and plenty of food", reports Barmer expert Ursula Marschall to the news agency "dpa".

Perfectionists and workaholics are particularly affected. "If you constantly burden yourself with too much work, feel responsible for everything, are afraid of making mistakes and can't say 'no', you live in constant stress," says Marschall. The body and the immune system then worked at full speed, so that stress hormones would be permanently released. Permanent tension and nervousness are the result, which can also lead to increased blood pressure. If the tension suddenly subsides on vacation, the immune system also shuts down, making the person more susceptible to infections. He feels tired and limp.

Physical activities promote relaxation on vacation
In order to find relaxation on vacation, cell phones and tablets should be switched off, advises the Barmer expert. The emails should only be checked once a day. Progressive muscle relaxation and yoga could also help get you in the mood for a relaxing vacation. Other activities such as beach volleyball, swimming, listening to music or reading are also suitable.

Prof. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University in Cologne also points out that people who are physically active during their vacation benefit longer from the relaxation effect than beach holidaymakers. Walking, cycling or swimming keep you fit and get your cardiovascular system going. (ag)

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