Simple arithmetic trick: the shoe size can calculate the age

Simple arithmetic trick: the shoe size can calculate the age

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Spectacular number trick: How to calculate age by shoe size
How old someone is is no longer shown on the outside. For example, many women at the age of 50 are still attractive and fit today. Few people would come up with the idea that shoe size can tell how old someone really is. A computer trick that is currently making the rounds on the Internet shows that this is the case.

Nowadays, age is often no longer recognizable on the outside
Nowadays, it is often no longer possible to tell how old a person is from their lifestyle. On average, seniors are more fit than ever before. External appearances often no longer allow any precise conclusions to be drawn. One way to find out how old someone really is is the feet - more precisely, the size of the shoes. This sounds incredible at first. But with a computing trick that is currently making the rounds on the net, this is actually possible. The trick with which one can determine the age based on the shoe size will cheer up some sociable groups.

Inspire friends with a mathematical gimmick
The simple math gimmick is sure to bring a lot of fun to friends. The trick that can be used to calculate the age of the other person using the size of the shoe is causing quite a stir on the Internet. If you want to try it out, you should stick to it. The formula only works if the person in question has not had a birthday this year. If you want to try to get the right result, here are the steps:

Calculate age based on shoe size
First, write down the shoe size of the person whose age you want to calculate. It doesn't matter whether it's European, British or American. This number is multiplied by five and 50 is added to the result. This result is multiplied by 20 and the number 1015 is added. The year of birth is then subtracted from this result. The final result then shows the shoe size in the first two digits and then the age of the person concerned.

Simple calculation example
As a formula, the calculation looks like this: (shoe size x 5 + 50) x 20 + 1015 - year of birth. The rule "dot before line" must be observed. Here is a calculation example for a man aged 45 and with shoe size 46: (46 x 5 + 50) x 20 + 1015 - 1970 = 4645. The trick behind it is simple: The shoe size is first multiplied by five and then by 20 with a total of 100. With the assumed shoe size of 46, this results in the number 4600. The first two digits stand for the size of the shoes.

If it was your birthday this year
A little trickier is how it comes to the right age. This is because first 50 is multiplied by 20 and then 1015 are added to these 1000. The year of birth is deducted from these 2015 and this logically results in the age of the person. That's why the formula only works for those who haven't had their birthday this year. For those who have already celebrated this since the beginning of the year, simply add 1016 instead of 1015. (ad)

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