Congress: Diversity of Methods - Homeopathy through the ages

Congress: Diversity of Methods - Homeopathy through the ages

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The 165th annual meeting of the DZVhÄ takes place in Bremen at the end of May
The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) is organizing this year's congress from May 26th to 28th at the Maritim Congress Center in Bremen. Around 550 doctors are expected, the motto is: “Still Hahnemann? Diversity of methods - homeopathy through the ages. "

A diverse congress program awaits the participants of this 165th DZVhÄ annual conference. In lectures and seminars, about 30 speakers deal with practical medical topics related to homeopathy. The main topic of the congress describes Dr. med. Ina Chammah, chair of the congress team: “Since Hahnemann's formulation of the principle of similarity, there have been many interpretations of how to find the most similar means. We will give this variety of methods space at the congress. "

Homeopathy in the clinic is becoming increasingly important
Homeopathy in the clinic is well-established and widespread in German-speaking countries, which is why a series of events is taking place for the first time at a DZVhÄ annual conference. The goal is to offer patients a closed homeopathic supply chain in the future. Because clinic needs outpatient clinic and outpatient medicine needs clinic.

The Bremen Health Senator is the patron
Prof. Dr. In her greeting, Eva Quante-Brandt emphasizes the need for method pluralism in medicine: “As a health senator, I attach great importance to the importance of various methods in human medicine. I believe that a qualified assessment of unconventional methods is essential. The continuous medical development is inconceivable without conventional medicine as well as alternative approaches. "

Bremen Medical Association President writes a greeting to the participants
Dr. Heidrun Gitter welcomes the growing number of doctors, “who have acquired additional qualifications in the fields of complementary medicine. This is gratifying, since the structured further training ensures the quality of treatment and differentiates medical ability from dubious healing methods. "

Take advantage of the discounted early registration until March 23, 2016
For the participation in the congress, 20 points are awarded for the DZVhÄ homeopathy diploma. The Bremen State Medical Association certifies the congress with 15 CME training points (6 points on Thursday and Friday, 3 points on Saturday). The registration form, the program and all other information can be found at (Pm)

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