Dizziness after eating? It could be a meat allergy!

Dizziness after eating? It could be a meat allergy!

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Discomfort after eating meat may indicate an allergy
Some people experience severe dizziness, rashes, shortness of breath and other physical reactions after eating solid food. The cause in these cases can be a meat allergy. For example, the University Medical Center Freiburg reports in a recent report about a patient who, after extensive examinations, finally succeeded in proving that the consumption of red meat caused his violent allergic reactions.

The patient came to the outpatient clinic of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology at the University Hospital of Freiburg because of symptoms such as occasional inner restlessness, skin rash and shortness of breath and severe dizziness, which even caused them to faint twice. The patient suspected an allergy to food additives, but the tests remained negative. In the subsequent investigations, it was proven that a sugar called alpha-galactosidase, which is also found in meat, leads to violent allergic reactions in the man. With a new test, the Freiburg doctors were able to clearly diagnose a meat allergy in the patient.

Suspected allergy initially not confirmed
The patient's tests for an allergy to food additives or certain foods showed a negative result. In addition, according to Dr. Sabine Müller, senior physician at the Clinic for Dermatology and Venereology and provisional director of the allergy outpatient clinic in Freiburg, described the "reactions to a few hours after a meal", which "is actually unusual for an allergic reaction". Nevertheless, the doctors continued to investigate the suspicion and the patient kept a food diary to identify possible critical foods. “He even notes the recipes in detail,” said the university hospital.

According to the records, it became clear that the complaints mostly occurred after eating meat or sausages, often combined with alcohol or physical exertion. Based on the recipes, all ingredients were tested by the doctors for their effect on the man, without a positive result. A meat allergy was not yet reliably detectable at this point in time, however, and the usual allergy tests using a meat solution remained negative, the university clinic announced.

Special sugar cause the allergic reaction
Nevertheless, there was still suspicion of an allergy, not least because "allergic reactions in some cases only occur in the interaction of allergens and stressful situations," says Dr. Sabine Müller. The combination of meat and exercise as the cause of the complaints therefore seemed obvious in the present case. According to a report from the university hospital, reports on allergic reactions to red meat, such as from pigs and cattle, have also accumulated in the past ten years. However, the researchers only got on the right track because at the same time as the Freiburg patient, a group of cancer patients had an allergic reaction to a new drug. The subsequent examinations showed that only people who had been bitten by a tick were affected. The researchers attributed this to the sugar called alpha-galactosidase, which is released into our bodies by ticks when they bite with their saliva.

Antibodies detectable by blood test
The identified sugar was not only found in the cancer drug, but also occurs on mammalian meat, according to the Freiburg University Hospital. With a specially developed blood test, antibodies against the sugar were finally detectable. “The new test came just in time for our patient. This enabled us to clearly diagnose a meat allergy with him, ”emphasizes Dr. Müller. Although the patient could not remember a tick bite, "tick bites are often not noticed if they do not cause reddening of the skin", the doctor said.

The provocation test confirms the diagnosis
In the further course, the patient underwent a provocation test and, under supervision, ate a specially prepared piece of beef and then trained for a lap on the bicycle ergometer. According to the doctors, without reaction. Likewise, the consumption of pork with simultaneous exposure had no consequences. In a third test, the patient received roasted pig kidney, because innards are particularly rich in the suspicious sugar, reports the university hospital. In fact, this had the consequence that the man collapsed shortly after consumption and the doctors present had to inject antihistamines, cortisone and adrenaline against the allergic shock. So the diagnosis was made.

Diet change advised
Appropriate dietary changes make it easy to avoid the complaints of meat allergy, with "the good news for meat allergy patients is that they can safely eat poultry and fish," emphasizes Dr. The bad news is that “you can't be desensitized right now.” In addition to mammal meat, sufferers also have to avoid gelatin and some medications that contain sugar, the expert explains. A detailed consultation with the treating doctor is therefore very important. The consistent change in diet helped the patient in Freiburg a lot and he has remained seizure free to this day, according to the University Hospital. (fp)

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