Study: When work stress harms sleep

Study: When work stress harms sleep

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Those who have a lot of stress at work often sleep poorly. Researchers from Oslo have analyzed which specific stress factors particularly affect sleep.

The study researchers investigated which factors worsen sleep in working life. To this end, they interviewed 5,070 Norwegian workers in various occupations about their sleep quality and the workload two times every two years.

They primarily recorded participants' problems falling and staying asleep. The workload was measured across a total of 13 different items.

It turned out that sleep problems depended on four main factors. First, the quantitative workload of the participants was crucial. The more work per unit of time the participants had to do, the higher the risk of sleep disorders. The second factor was freedom of choice for workers. The less freedom of choice, the worse the sleep.

Two other factors that worsened sleep quality were role conflicts and lack of supervision by the employer. You can find the study here. (pm)

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