Loyalty research: Which professional group tends to cheat?

Loyalty research: Which professional group tends to cheat?

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Certain professions cheat on their partner more often than others. Does the profession also have something to do with your own understanding of love and loyalty? A new study shows that there can be something there. A team from the US dating website “Illicit Encounters” investigated this question in a non-representative online study.

Those who cheat are particularly at risk for their relationship. Because various studies in the past have shown that an affair is one of the most common reasons for separation. Now a current evaluation has shown that the profession obviously has an impact on how high the cheating risk is. As reported by "The Huffington Post", for example, Bankers partner more often than other professional groups.

Bankers and managers have the highest risk of cheating
Do certain occupational groups cheat more often than others? The operators of the online platform "Illicit Encounters" asked themselves this question, through which married couples can find contacts for an extramarital adventure. They compared their users' profiles and found that there were indeed differences between the different professions. Accordingly, bankers in particular would often not take loyalty so precisely. With 18 percent of those looking for an affair, they took first place by far. Twelve percent came from the management area, managing directors and freelancers each came to eight percent.

An affair can also endanger health
Cheating can not only be poison for the relationship, but it can also damage health, according to a study by the University of Turin. According to this, most men would be under a lot of stress during an affair and have an increased risk of migraines and pathological artery dilation. Likewise, the betrayed person can experience severe impairments if the partner's affair is known. Because this situation can cause anxiety and depression and produce symptoms similar to those of a mental disorder after a serious accident. (sb)

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