With yoga and aquafit against MS symptoms

With yoga and aquafit against MS symptoms

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Physical activity can have a positive effect on certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis: Patients who practice yoga and aquafit suffer less from fatigue, depression and skin tingling, as a Swiss study shows.

In a randomized trial, researchers from Basel and Kermanshah (Iran) showed that these MS symptoms improved significantly after an eight-week intervention with yoga and aquafit: fatigue, depression and paraesthesia decreased significantly after three times a week of training compared to the control group. The physically inactive group was also 35 times more likely to experience moderate to severe depression than the groups doing yoga or aquafit.

54 women with diagnosed MS, averaging 34 years of age, participated in the study in three groups: with yoga, aquafit or no physical activity. Before and after the intervention, the patients had to fill out questionnaires about the symptoms. Their existing therapies - such as drugs that act on immune regulation - remained unchanged during the study. You can find the studies here. (pm)

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