Many doctors have no liability: to the detriment of patients

Many doctors have no liability: to the detriment of patients

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Many doctors do not have professional liability insurance. For patients, this means that the more serious the treatment error is, the less such doctors can pay the damage.

Doctors who work permanently in a hospital are subject to social security contributions - according to the Lower Saxony Bremen State Social Court.

A patient cannot check whether the attending doctor has taken out liability - there is no public registration register. Doctors are obliged to take out professional liability insurance, but this is hardly controlled. Since such insurance can cost tens of thousands of euros, for example for surgeons, some doctors save these expensive contributions.

If there is a treatment error, the doctor is obliged to pay. However, if those affected go to court, the proceedings sometimes take years in which the injured party can go into financial ruin, for example because they are unable to work or have to pay for expensive therapies themselves, so far, the patients have no general legal protection .

The more serious the errors in treatment and the higher the compensation for pain and suffering, the greater the risk that the doctor will not be able to pay privately after the guilty verdict. Even more: the victims have to bear lawyers, expert opinions and aftercare themselves. A check by the medical associations to see whether doctors have taken out professional liability insurance is long overdue. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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