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The mouth encompasses the externally visible lips as well as the body opening enclosed by the upper jaw, lower jaw and cheeks together with the internal structures such as teeth, gums, oral mucosa, tongue, palate and palate suppository. Towards the back, the pharynx connects to the oral cavity. The mouth forms the first section of the digestive tract. Here the food is crushed and the saliva is already preparing for decomposition. The salivary glands are also to be assigned to the mouth in a broader sense. In addition to eating, the mouth also fulfills essential functions in sound formation, speech and breathing. In addition, the mouth is of particular importance for non-verbal communication (e.g. smiling, corners of the mouth pulled down or even kissing).

In addition to caries and periodontitis, common diseases of the mouth are herpes, aphthae and angular cheilitis (torn corners of the mouth). Often, an uncomfortable burning lip or mouth is the first indication of the disease. In addition, there are symptoms in the mouth area with various infectious diseases, such as clearly visible redness and a coating on the tongue with scarlet fever or measles. The tongue covering can therefore provide important information on existing diseases, which is often used for diagnostics. The oral mucosa and tongue are relatively often affected by minor injuries and burns, which usually heal without complications. In the worst case, however, these can also ignite and cause further complaints. In addition, inflammatory processes in the mouth are often associated with an unpleasant bad breath.

In general, a large number of bacteria live in the mouth, the entirety of which forms the so-called oral flora. If the latter gets out of balance, pathological germs, but also viruses and fungi can spread easily and herpes, aphthae or so-called candidiasis (yeast infections, also called oral thrush) follow. If necessary, a doctor should be consulted or therapeutic help should be sought to treat the acute illness on the one hand and to prevent the symptoms from recurring on the other. (fp)


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